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Feels fucking great to be back on the forums after what a decade now. Thought id start off the subforum by introducing ourselves and telling you guys a little bit about the brindle farms journey. I got started on the tail end of overgrow, and really found my calling on icmag as well as tokecity. After moving out to Vancouver Island i became aware of certain "elite" sativa clones being grown specifically the breeder steve sweet skunk and la mano negra Congolese. Early posts by Donjuan and JackMayOffer really helped me to understand why a scalable and simplistic approach to growing were needed to keep quality proper past say 8-12 lights.

With the clones in my hands, a federally medical grow license on my wall, I felt pretty stoked to start growing the exotic types of cannabis that I found very difficult to access in traditional markets. I worked with these clones for many years learning how to dial in result with a focus being specifically on the quality and quantity of the BHO output. I quickly learned that what works best for a garden being grown for packs of flower is not necessarily the ideal road to go down with regards to resin growing.

After rocking out with these girls for a few years the market began to change and we saw that moving to a solventless extraction process would make more sense moving forward. This resulted in yet again a shift in the genetics and growing styles required to succeed. Im here to unpack these specific differences and hopefully inspire conversation about what helps promote the best resin for solventless extraction.
That Congolese you brought to the cup one year when we first met still sticks out in my mind! I’m honored to have you here bro, and I can’t wait for you to dive deeper in to your solventless program with our community, they are going to be absolutely blown away!
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Welcome to The Canna Cabana! :island:

So great to have such high caliber, Great White North representation, eh! 🇨🇦