##> Cloning in Dirt: A Pictorial Tutorial <##


I like things simple, easy, and cheap...because I am forgetful, lazy, and frugal. Beginners must feel overwhelmed by countless complex "how to" cloning instructions. You only need 50 different materials, a dozen different nutrients, and a half day of your time...IT'S EASY. It's not that fukking difficult. My goal in helping people grow has always been to give them good basic information, and let them experiment on their own after that. So to that end, I wanted to do a cloning tutorial that was the simplest, easiest, cheapest method I could come up with. This tutorial was originally posted at TokeCity 7/29/2011.

Please enjoy. :)
I propagate a lot of native plants in addition to cannabis clones. In the plant world, for generations many people have procured a "snip" and just stuck it in some dirt. I've propagated native plants this way that are far harder to get to root than cannabis. I've also propagated clones out of my aquarium and in a cup of water in addition to just sticking them in some soil. It was confusing when I first started, because people had all kinds of complex instructions for clones and it made it feel to me like cannabis was some hard to grow plant that you had to treat differently. It's not though.