hi y'all;

i'm not a fan of any sauce, as condiment.
many restaurants in NO use crystal, local brand(i lived blocks from the factory) & the family is married into the brennan clan(commander's palace & 6 others).
personally i only use tabasco products(family friends from 19th c.)
regular, jalapeno, garlic, chipotle & habanero. their hot soy sauce is decent to, buffalo sauce i ignore. best all around for flavor profile, heat & flavor enhancement.
i even use the red in my vanilla ice cream base.
only as an ingredient, never as a table additive. i did have a rack of 4 @ my restaurant for customers & sale.

i was a judge for the international chile sauce competition run by chile magazine. tasted well over 200 over the course of 2 weeks. different categories, elimination w/4 other judges. i did that 3 years running, never again. it was the introduction of dave's insanity sauce(the 1st "nature identical" hot sauce, completely NOT vegetable based)
any other "sauce" i make myself.

sriracha, like bacon covered world needs to go back to wherever it came from. it's nice for some things but TOTALLY overused. anybody that says they like things like a bacon sriracha milkshake are have no tastebuds & should never be allowed to even talk about food!!
matouk's from the carribean has an outstanding HOT sauce. it'll seize your diaphram, but has real flavor.

bon chance!
Tabasco Sauce was the main staple on our table growing up.. my dad used it on absolutely everything.. Eggs, potato chips, popcorn... and I used to think he was crazy.
Then again, I couldn't be in the house when mom cooked stuffed peppers because the smell would almost make me barf.. now I can tear up a stuffed pepper.. LOL
Love Tabasco. I've tried the rest of the store shelf varieties. The Franks Red Hot Extra Hot is real nice. A lot like Tabasco but maybe a little thicker, less vinegar? I don't know, I'd have to compare side by each. The garden grown pepper sauces I've made I really like the best.
hi y'all;

if you ever get to chicago, look up "7th on heaven" restaurant, on the 7th floor of a building on wabash. he has a collection of over 600 bottles lining the walls.
jimmy bannos is the owner & great guy! some of the best LA style food in the north.

bon appetit!
Ya Baron, I've tired 4 diffrent kinds of icecreams..garlic, mushroom, bacon and a Sriracha infused ice cream of some kind..not at all to my liking..

I've heard of "7th on heaven " in Chicago and it's suppose to be very good..
I have been way into hot sauce and spicy foods for a while now and lately the simpler the better for me. Currently, I'm eating Pure Habanero Red Savina Hot Sauce, it has phenomenal flavor and packs a punch. The ingredients: habaneros, salt and vinegar.

Also, seeing as some of you are from norcal, some years ago there was a hot sauce from Sonoma called Bustelo's that was aged in wine casks and was quite good. I'd give my left shoe and sock for a bottle of that stuff again. A friend and I are barrel aging last years garden sauce now to try and recapture the spirit of those sauces.
Cholula was my sauce of choice when the stomach allowed. When I worked in a restaurant, picked up a recipe I rocked for years.

Spicy cucumber chips

1-2 cucumbers
1 garlic clove
lemon/lime juice
little bit of water

1.Thinly slice cucumber and place in Tupperware
2.add garlic & cilantro (just a pinch)
3. mix cholula, lemon or lime juice and a bit of water in like a 75/15/10 split
4 add liquids to the tupperware, Salt to taste and shake (make sure cucumbers are submerged when sitting)

Let sit overnight and done
hi y'all;

rosso, i use a few shakes of tabasco as an enhancer for my regular vanilla ice cream. it's definitely NOT a predominant flavor. the combination of salt/vinegar & a little heat, real makes the vanilla flavor POP!
not a fan of odd" ice cream flavors. more confusion cuisine! i did make red bean ice cream & pickled ginger sorbet for a special dinner of japanese delegates(interesting, but they liked it).
i do make a really nice chocolate ice cream w/chipotle flavor(reflective of the traditional spicy bitter hot chocolatl of the aztecs).

bon appetit!