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not sure whats going on but this is happening throughout the garden. the bud sites are starting to yellow and getting a powdery substance around the bud site as well. not sure whats gpoing on but the plants all look very unhealthy and not sure what to do to correct the issue. any help would be greatly appreciated


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have you checked for mites, leaves curling and necrotic new growth are signs of mites as are the tiny spots I see on the leaves...if you have a scope look at the bottom of the leaves, if you don't order one from amazon and get asap...
Yep boo is probally right and unfortunately it looks like maybe russet mites it broad mites. You need at least 120x scope to see them.
Yeah it looks like mite damage but not like I've seen really, so that's probably the difference between broad/russet mites and regular ones. That kind of damage comes on gradually, after obvious webbing, in the species I am familiar with.
are these plants outside?

if they are outside the first thing I would do is to blast the shit out of them with the water hose sprayer asap, blast as many of them little bastards off the plant as possible.

meanwhile you can research what to do about getting the rest of them gone, I would think Avid or Floramite would kill the bastards
i run indoor and after further research i found out its the russet/broad mites i believe. i took a microscope to it and i seen those buggers crawling everywhere. i have one productim spraying with today and already have the forbid on order and coming. thnak you guys for the help.
would the plants being attacked by the mites make them turn into flowering? i have some babies with buds forming on them already, would that coincide with the mites or could that be a different issue. this summer has been pretty rough for me. been dealing with a lot of heat issues and so on. so im not sure if those problems are the same.
Microthiol Dispurss micronized sulfur will take care of small mites like Hemp Russet and Broad. Kills the shit out of 'em.

Whatever you choose, you'll probably have to make multiple applications as it looks like they've really spread.

Hopefully the plants will grow out of the damage, but no guarantees.
Russet mites don't spin webs, but they're every bit as destructive as spider mites. In fact I believe they actually eat trichomes. Good luck!
I do have a mini split and we found out that it doesn't keep the room cool at all, it was a big disappointment. The compensation said that v it would keep it cool for the square footage we had but it didn't so we're working on getting a bigger one lol
So update on the mites. I've successfully gotten rid of or at least at bay. I check with a microscope regularly. The plants are doing very well now. Actually just harvested some that went through treatment. The first is Apollo 13 and the second is black lime reserve. The third is putang. inbound511362172173839688.jpginbound2809173040006542851.jpginbound7767152590738704641.jpg
Grizzly so G.L.A.D. you were able to pull out of the tailspin & sure looks like you got some goodies to be proud of there !! I knew you could .. :cheerleader: