Midwest Stir Fry


Haven't started a thread in a while...

My simple but good stir fry.
Pretty adaptable to whatever you have. Onion, bell pepper and meat are all you really need but today I had garlic, mushrooms, and carrots. Other things could be broccoli, snap peas, any kind of Chinese vegetable like bamboo shoots, ect. Usually have thinner cuts of meat like flank but this is a bottom round steak today. Could also use chicken, shrimp, or whatever. I'm using this stir fry sauce which as far as I can tell is just soy sauce, sugar, and cornstarch. Regular soy sauce is fine. Teriyaki would also work.
For spices I used salt pepper, chili powder, red pepper, black pepper and ginger. You could use Chinese 5 spice or even European like basil and rosemary would work. Whatever you like

I sear the meat at high heat just to get color, take it off while still red in the center and slice it small Then add some oil and put everything back in the pan. Add the spices. Then add the stir fry sauce for the last minute. Serve over rice.


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