New CBD vs Lung Cancer Study!

Storm Crow

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Striking lung cancer response to self-administration of cannabidiol: A case report and literature review. (UK) (full – 2019)

FYI- most medical studies do NOT use adjectives in the title. That they used "striking" in the title shows that their minds were blown by the very unexpected shrinkage of the tumors! The patient was in his 80s and refused chemo. He started taking a CBD oil for a month and the lung cancer and metastasized tumors shrank. The scans in the study clearly show the reduction in tumor size but are too big to post up, so I'm just going to quote the conclusion.


In summary, the data presented here indicate that CBD may have had a role in the striking response in a patient with histologically proven adenocarcinoma of the lung as a result of self-administration of CBD oil for a month and in the absence of any other identifiable lifestyle, drug or dietary changes. Further work is needed both in vitro and in vivo to better evaluate the various mechanisms of action of CBD on malignant cells, and its potential application in the treatment of not only lung cancer but also other malignancies.