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After deliberating for a while,I thought, it would be a good idea,to start a Sourdough Bread thread and tell folks what and how, I bake bread.

So here are some of the reasons.

Numero uno,would be "gut flora",besides enzymes,fibre,improved digestion,better control of GI track,colon etc... would be important,that only sourdough bread can do for us.
There is more,but you get the idea.

Next,would be cuting out the commercial additives,enhancers,colorings etc....

My bread does eventually dry out(5 days) and I make bread crumbs now and then.
I store my bread on a cuting board in the kitchen,covered with a tea tovell,thats it.

I would like to thank rosso reefo,for an idea and the most excellent pizza thread,much appreciated my friend....:flower:learned a lot from there,yeaa....

Some more do's and don'ts:

I use white flour ONLY for kneading the dough,I do not make white bread.
I do not use breadmachine.
Yes,I also use a dough mixer,was $99.00 a wally mart
All grains are localy grown and I use a handmill to make my own flour.(Since,bought an electric mill)
I use rye and whole wheat grains.
I do make my own levain,sourdough cultures names are many,not hard at all,time consuming perhaps.

I do use,fresh yeast most of a time and Fleishmans quick rise,sometimes.(Discontinued using ANY yeast due to allergy problems,sourdough only....)
I have a natural gas oven in the house(550F) and a woodfired oven outside(900F).
Bread recepies are plentyfull on the net,I use ole ones from france,eastern europe,germany,middle east.
I do use scale for measuring the quantities,but using a cup or a hanfull is not beyond

Here are pictures of sourdough breads,that I baked in the last 3-4 weeks.

There is a 100% whole wheat,100% rye and 50/50 rye and whole wheat.

These are breads,that take two days to prepare,due to the time it takes for it to do it's thing(rising,proofing,resting,baking)no quickies here....

I basically stick to one kind of bread recepie and after while I get tired of taste,so I make something different.
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This is the recepie from Germany,got it from a local german friend.

I prepare,this sourdough bread sometimes rye only and sometimes whole wheat only with appropriate sourdough culture,ofcourse.

Oh, one other use caraway seeds,flax,pumpkin seeds,sunflower seeds and ofcourse our sacred herb,too and 16% sea salt.

German,every day 100% sourdough rye bread.

Takes two days to prepare:

The mash:

1 cup of rough cracked rye grain/flour
1 cup of very hot water

The starter:

1/4 cup of levain
2 cups of warm water
3/4 cup of rye floor

The dough:

1 1/2 teaspoons of active dry yeast or equvalent of fresh yeast if available to you.
1/4 warm water
All the starter from previous step
All the mash from previous step
1 tablespoon of sea salt
1 tablespoon of caraway seed
2 1/2 cups of rye flour
1 tablespoon of rolled oats for the toping

How to make some levain:

1/2 cup of rye or whole wheat or white flour
1/4 teaspoon honey
enough water to make a firm,but stil moist dough

Mix all ingredients and knead 5-8 minutes to develope gluten,till it's firm and moist,store in a dish covered with a plastic wrap and tea tovell in warm place,for overnite.

Following morning/day feed it with 1 cup of flour and some water and knead it again.
Store again for say 8-10 hrs,basically and first time it takes longer(3days) to have culture available to you,when you want it.
I store mine in the fridge for the next time,once I take what I need.

That's it for basic levain,there are many variations of how and when.
It's an addictive activity to make your own wild yeasts,levains,sourcultures etc....and beyond the scope of this write up,but very interesting.You will get hooked,like

Okie dokie,here we go.....

To make mash:
Put rye flour and water in a bowl and mix,cover with a plastic wrap and soak for 10-15 hrs

To make the starter:
Break up the levain into several pieces and add warm water and 3/4 cup of rye flour,mix in a bowl for soupy consistency,cover with plastic wrap and store for 10-15 hrs.

So,you got 2 bowls now,covered under a tea tovell in warm place(room temperature is fine)

Following day:

Add the mash and the starter to a big bowl and add the caraway seeds,salt,quick rise yeast and mix well.
Start adding flour slowly and mixing continuosly for 10 minutes,this is where the bread mixer is nice to have.
When all the flour is mixed in,the dough should be moist,runny and sticky.
I knead the dough on the white flour dusted counter top for few minutes and it ends up plaible but stil sticky,keep puting flour on your hands and also you can use some white flour to adjust the dough consistency.
It should be elastic,like my wifes butt,thats what rosso reefo described,yeappp.....
Put the dough into an oiled big bowl and let it rise in warm place(no draft),covered with plastic wrap and tea tovell for 1 - 1 1/2 hours.(you can punch down the dough after a while,say 1 hr and let it rise again)
The dough will rise,maybe double or close to it.

Dump it on a floured counter and divide it or shape it to fit a baking pan well greased/oiled.

The bread in the pan should be aproximately 2 lbs,let it rise for say 45 minutes.

In mean time, warm up your oven to 475 F,mine takes 40 minutes to warm up.

Before you put the dough in an oven,score the dough with a sharp knife and spray it down with some water,sprinkle some raw rolled oats on top or caraway seed or flax seed,your choice.

Put a container with 1/2 cup of water into the oven,before you put the bread pan in,it will help the crust to become firm but chewy

Bake the bread at 475F for 20 minutes,than turn the bread around and lower the oven to 425F for another 20 minutes.
The bread is finnished baking,when you tap the bottom of the bread and it sounds hollow or insert a digital thermometer probe and it should be at least 200 F inside.
You can shut off the oven and put the bread in upside down for say 7-10 minutes,don't worry,it will make the crust nice,you"ll see.

Brush some butter on still hot bread,it will turn darker and redish/brownish in color.

LET IT COOL,thats the fruit of your labor or love,puff,puff....

Some strugle with a guitar,some strugle with a fountain pen and yet some of us bake bread.

The crust will be hard,once cooled.

How do you know if it's good?.....if you go back for 2nd and 3rd helpingl,it's good.You want to eat it's that good,,,,,,

I would suggest,that you bake several breads,so that you get comfortable with the whole thing.
You can always change flours or mix them together.
Also, if you are adventures, add some sacred herb for that extra taste,turns out really good.

There are many variations,hard to screw up,if you follow the write up.
Hope your tummy,will like the new bread...

Enjoy folks......:beer:
Amazing GrandPrix..I'd give anything for a slice right now with some butter..
that crust looks so good and crispy..a crunchy crust is what makes a bread..
you can't get that in those crappy bread machines..
looks like you've found your passion:)
it's like you went back in a time machine and doing it the way bread use to be made..
do you have a more simple recipe for a kitchen aid mixer..?
I forgot to mention,that the flour quality will be somewhat different from one end of country to the other....even if it's the same brand name.
Same for water and that will be enough to change,how your bread turns out or taste.

Hey rosso,thanx for dropping in and the breads do taste as good as they look....:wavey:
damn, I want bread...I'll bring a 6 pack of new castle Gp, you warm the bread...rosso, you bring the butter and we'll see if big can find us some quality's party time at the cabana...
man those are some tasty looking loaves you have there GP

i used to buy sourdough bread on fisherman's wharf in SF

that is some good stuff :peace:
me, I have a 505 ci big block in my truck...oh, yoiur talking about bread...never mind...:cheesegrater:sorry GP, weed got the best of me
sourdough rye has to be my absolute favorite bread if baked properly. the big difference i see from one baker to the next is in the crust of sourdough which must be crusty and flaky with that soft interior. those pics look like bread baked to my satisfaction! nice job and peace-biteme
Thanx jaykush,for a good grape culture link...

Today,I have baked a 100% whole wheat bread's with "my grape" sourdough culture,caraway seeds,pumpkin seeds and rolled oats for the toping....the grape culture is 6 month old now and going strong.
The aroma is out of this world....:goodbad:

First pic of two bowls of mash on the left and starter on the right.
Second one,dough finnished rising
Third one is cast iron pots on stone in the oven.
Fourth one,are the finnished breads,cooling down.

I found an easier recepie some of you asked for,that takes only one day to make and bake.
I"ll use it,in few days for the next bread baking...:rabbi:
This is a 5 hrs bread from flour to bread,buns....:eat:

Mix ALL ingredients in a large bowl or bread mixer,add activated yeast,water and mix,than knead for 8-10 minutes.
Oil a large bowl and put the dough in for 1 1/2 hrs,should roughly double...,

Divide dough into buns and bread or whatever your choice in and on a Baking/cookie sheet,let rise for 45 minutes,warm up the oven.
Let baked goods cool down,addition of our sacred herb during flours mixing is prefarable.....enjoy takes aproximately 5 hrs to do...:smileyhug:


1 1/4 to 1 1/2 CUP WATER
2 1/4 CUPS BREAD FLOUR or whole wheat


BAKE AT 400F FOR 40-45 minutes,brush on butter of your choice,while hot,let cool....

I decided to make some buns(buns bake for 30 minutes at 400F) and a smaller loaf of bread at 425F for 40-45 minutes,turn baking sheet halfway around....

Bread should be 200F or bit more, when baked.....:rollj:

On personal note,I was diagnosed with Celiac allergy and thus,no more grains,rye etc... breads for me.

So I will look into making breads,buns with other flours, such as corn,potato,beans etccc......should be interesting,stay tuned,puff,puff.....:spruce_up::egypt:
Todays bread is same as one about,5hrs one.....with couple of twist....

I have added whole wheat and also rye sourdough cultures,cup each and a cup of black bean flour,just for giggles....had to increase water a bit.....

Makes for a heavier bread,but tasty,hmmmmmm....good.....that sourdough helps....

At present time,I am sourcing various "gluten free" flours and once I have,what I need,I will post the results...for better or
fuck my cob oven needs to finish drying so i can bake some delicious bread again, too hot to use the oven inside here.

breads look fantastic.
fuck my cob oven needs to finish drying so i can bake some delicious bread again, too hot to use the oven inside here.

breads look fantastic.

Jaykush thanx for droping in,stay patient with drying out the cob oven,it will reward you over and over....:puffpuffpass:
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