SourDough Breads

This is the pic of the SanFran sourdough culture,active just before use and the days baking results:puffpuffpass: hmmmm nice aroma....


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just curious GP..thats a lot of bread for one you freeze some of it.?.

looks delicious..

Thanx for droping in rosso,they are aprox 8x2= 16-17 lbs wet and yes,I freeze all but 2 for my own use....this bake I have also as usual used Kamut,Farro and Teff berries milled as un-milled are hard on my digestive track...:puffpuffpass:
These are my plants at present,ouside an unknown(suspect WhiteKrush) plant likes the location and inside the two on the left are Skunkberry and PanamaPower than OrangeHill jamaican and SourTangie x Pineapple x Tahoe OG puffpuff..... :puffpuffpass:


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That poor WhiteKrush is in for a terminal experience very shortly when the frosts hit:mpfoot:

I took the previous pic 24 hrs ago and before -1C frost no wind...tonite calling for 43F

It appears to be suffering on the side closest to camera it was not covered up,the sunny side looks a OK..... but the tomatoes were covered up and yet they too are drooping as are some of my patio flowers also not covered,catnip looks like it'est la vie,eh..puffpuffffff......:puffpuffpass:


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More we change,more we stay the BushDr. for the starter recipie and it works good too....

I am happy to report that "unknown" plant is NOT showing any harm from the last nites frost,only the petunias are sore grrr....everybody is a OK....:puffpuffpass:
Thanx for posting the 00 flour and the SD cultures write ups,its good to get educated to different ways to bake sourdough breads etc.....just imagine 4000 + years ago already baking breads,probably flat/pizza style breads and you screwed up your bread but you learned from it puffpufff....:puffpuffpass:

Grain from my area did win a best grain award at the Chicago World Expo in 1893-ish or so.....
Results of todays baking,,,,,I used store bought whole wheat flour for comparison reason with my grain berrries,the gluten setting was poor but in the end it worked out....
I am somewhat suprised by the vigorous SanFran SD culture,it works really good yeaaa....pleasant aroma too,,,puffpufff....:puffpuffpass:


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Looks great GP........slow cooked all day fava beans-ham Hocks needed for slop

just finished up a Italian sausage/peppers/mozzarella sammy from local been here forever Italian deli.....

now a fatty of old Congo/THH to finish up Gators/Canes game........

best in eve amigo......
Practising with different whole wheat flour and 450F bake was supposed to be a french baguettes but its too wide and thick,next time... puffpuffff....:puffpuffpass:


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bit off topic

but making samosa's now

had to make self rising flour..i love em

6 tablespoons of butter 9 of water..tricky

just not too much water

lots of garam marsala


i fried them.. was gonna bake but nah..

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon baking powder
¼ cup olive oil
2/3 cup water, plus more for shaping the dough

Enough olive, vegetable or canola oil to fill a frying pan 2″


About 1½ cups of the filling of your choice

Step 1:

In a large bowl, sift together the flour, salt and baking powder. Set aside. In another large bowl, whisk the oil and water together.

Step 2:

Pour the oil/water mixture slowly into the dry mixture, stirring as you pour. Mix until the dough comes together into a slightly shaggy but cohesive mixture.

Switch to your hands and knead in the bowl for about 1 minute, to make the dough more cohesive and pliable. Form into a disc, wrap with plastic and let the dough sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes.

Step 3:

Remove the dough from its wrapping and divide it into 16 equal portions.[imade 10 big ones] Roll each portion into a ball.

rab a portion of dough, and fold in one corner. Slightly moisten the top of the folded-in corner, then fold the second half inward, “sealing” the dough with your fingers. Now, you’ve got a little cone to fill with your fillings — fill it about 2/3 of the way. Then, moisten the open edges of the dough with water and seal it closed.

Now, your samosas are ready to go. Choose your own adventure in terms of how to cook them!


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Samosa picture and a recipe would be nice...are you frying or baking them?....:puffpuffpass:

bit off topic

but making samosa's now

had to make self rising flour..i love em

6 tablespoons of butter 9 of water..tricky

jus tnot too uch water

lots of garam marsala