swamp shit

Coast to coast apparently. Buy em by the box!



BD is one of those that can vary so much, the phenos range from Indica to Sativa and quality can vary from borderline bunk to really dank. A lot of commercial crap out there though. The good ones have a great odor that lingers in the air for hours after you smoke it.
man u hit it on the head T2U...ever since I got out here I noticed all the different variations of the "same" strain, yet they always claim to be the original cut.

the GSC is another example...sometimes I see the forum, less likely the thin mint, and then ALOT of stuff that seems like its from seed or TERRIBLY grown.

The BD I had and Bodhi and xo have is not too tough to grow, but to get that perfect flavor and smoke it definitely takes some dialing in and a good cure.

I love the sunroof idea :D gotta try that next time I run her lol. take care and stay safe

Thanks canna, that's was my last run before I shut down.

Good to see your around.

Cuts getting transplanted into 1/2 gallon grow bags today. All look good.
Gonna really start growing now. Get em under 1k for veg for a couple weeks.